Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why Berry Blossom Cottage?

I've always loved hearing how people would have names instead of addresses for their homes, so I thought to myself, someday I will have a named house.  I decided; if and when, we ever actually own a house, I will name it.  When we found this house we realized it had mulberry trees, that coupled with my extreme love of Strawberry Shortcake gave me the name I was looking for.  Thus, Berry Blossom Cottage was born.  

When I was a child we had mulberry trees in our yard, we would make lots of things with them. Sometimes we would just pick them and eat them.  We made a deal with my aunt - we pick enough berries to make two pies and she would make them, but she got to keep one.  It seemed like a fair deal to us.  Finding out we had mulberry trees gave me an instant childhood flashback, which warmed my soul.  Keep checking in because we are going to share our families recipes for mulberry pies, cakes, puddings, cookies, and maybe even wine : )

Sidenote:  When you live self sufficiently you have to use what you have.  For the chalkboard, we used a mirror frame that I have had for 14 years, a piece of leftover paneling, and some leftover chalkboard paint (not exactly a perfect match color wise, but it will work).  For the chalk and eraser holder we used my antique matchstick holder.  Isn't it cute?  Don't forget to like us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram : )


  1. Am I the first to comment? Congrats on your new home, blog and name! Your chalk board set up is very cute! ♥

  2. Yes, the very first one since we published it. How exciting! It means a lot to us to have your support. Thank you and thank you for like my idea too, Tonya : )

  3. Cute chalkboard! Can't wait to hear about all the goodies you make with your mulberries. Yay for striving for self-sufficiency!! :)