Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Starting Small On Exterior Of The Cottage

Let's face it, when you buy a home with cash, most of the budget goes to the necessities, that doesn't leave much for the exterior.  We've taken baby steps this spring.  We put in new windows last year.  This is the before of our project area.   Pay attention to that giant bush in the back, it will make an appearance in the next post : )



We started with adding a lamp post, that was an easier project than we expected.  We changed out the broken porch light with a new energy saving led light.  Added an address plaque and a new mailbox, then, we added the vintage emblem off the old broken mailbox to the new one.  The most labor intensive part so far was removing the old nasty porch carpet, power washing the porch, and then scraping off all the old paint  There are a lot more projects in the works, but we wanted to show our progress so far.  We have a lot of weeding to do, so don't pay attention to that either.  By the time we are finished it will look like a brand new house, while maintaining it's vintage charm.  It will go from a house we were embarrassed to have people over too, to inviting you all in - Thanks for stopping by, Tonya : )