Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First Scary Glance At The Inside Of The Cottage - Are We Crazy - Maybe

We have always dreamed of being self sufficient and debt free, but we didn't think it would happen for us until retirement.  Then it happened, the nudge we needed.  A very close friend had taken the plunge to self sufficiency and purchased a homestead.  They let us know we could get their original city home for a cheap price, so we went to look.  Sadly, it wouldn't work for our families needs, but it got us thinking.  

Why wait, let's look and see what else is out there. Let's be as self sufficient in our small city as we can, let us live our dream.  We called the realtor, gave her our bottom line and put our dreams in her hands. Then, we called our buddy Dave to help us pick out the right house, and lend his construction expertise where needed.  After looking at 3 other homes we found her.  She wasn't pretty, but everyone agreed, she would work for our family and supposedly stay within our budget - insert laughter here : )

Picture above is of living room

Could we do it, could we do all the work that was required?  Did we take on too big of a task?  

Pic above is the other side of the living room.  

Someone had obviously tried to take this cottage on before us.  There were new items that were not put in place and a lot of garbage.  We sold and donated all the usable items.  The money we made went right back into the house.

Pic of one of the windows an animal tried to get out of

Talk about scary!  The house had been vacant for 4 years and some poor thing had either gotten into the house or was left behind.  I can only hope that it was rescued or finally found a way out.  We never did find the animal, but we found traces of one, as evident with the windows.  I still pray for it, where ever it is.  This was our first look - what do you think : )

Please stay tuned for more first looks and to see the progress we have made so far


  1. Awesome, I figured it out :) Excellent job, my friend! Can't wait to see where you take this new adventure :)

    1. Yay! I'm so excited! Now, I need to figure things out, lol. Here's to all of our dreams coming true : )

  2. Oh, I see now that *this* is your first post so I guess I wasn't the first to comment. :)

  3. Yes, meanderinglife is a friend who was helping me, or should I say trying to help me get the blog started. I wish I was smarter about these things. I am that typical parent kids make fun of when it comes to techo stuff : )

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