Saturday, April 23, 2016

At The Starting Line of Our Financial Independence

We actually began our financial journey in 2002, but it wasn't an easy step.  At that time, both my husband and myself worked full time.  Well, Dollface worked 40 hours a week, I worked 80.  I owned my own business, and while I made more money than Dollface, I was never home to spend it.  After a very long and stressful week, we had a frank discussion about what our dreams were, and found out we were far from our dreams.  It turns out, our collective dreams were more along the lines of an old fashioned lifestyle.  We both dreamed of dinners as a family, mom being home when dad and/or the kids got home, having time to play with the kids, date nights, and being able to travel on a whim without any work schedule conflicts.  We may have been living the modern American dream, but we weren't living our dream.  It was time for a change. We decided, that I would give up my business and become a homemaker.  Yes it sounded 1950s, but it was the new millennia and we were excited about our new modern day journey.

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Please tell me were were not alone.  Does anyone else dream of the old fashioned lifestyle with the modern day twist of being equal partners at home.  We had to learn how to live on less, especially in a two income world, but somehow; we have been even happier than before.  Dollface hasn't had to clean house since, but he does make dinner most of the time and I do the dishes.  On the occasion I make dinner, he washes the dishes.  It works for us, Tonya : )

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