Monday, March 14, 2016

Breathing New Life Into The Living Room

Rehabbing started in May 2015 and here is what the living room looked like as of Christmas 2015.  The entire rehab was estimated to be done by July 15th, but boy was that a bad estimation, lol.  We knew we might go over a little bit, but we never dreamed we would run into so many unforeseen issues.

At first we did not pass the electrical inspections.  It seemed like the inspector would always find something else when he came. The biggest item that needed done was to put in a new water ground, we didn't even have a clue what that was.  This required hiring a professional electrician, lucky for us we knew one.  He was able to get us squared away.

If you have ever had to deal with inspectors, than you know how happy we were when we finally passed.  It had been one heck of a ride and we weren't even close to being done.

Reminder of what it looked like before

Finally, we, and our lil cottage could breathe.  Of course, there are still a million things to do : )

                                                     The other side of the living room

Reminder of what it looked like before

All new windows, flooring, the addition of cornice boards, and crown molding were some of the other big changes for the living room.  We still have to work on the front door area, but we are pleased.

Side note: We had bought a new set of furniture, but once we placed it in the new smaller living room, it did not work.  It was back to our old antique furniture, it fit perfectly.  I now understand why furniture was narrow back then.  My philosophy has always been to only buy furniture you can move by yourself, I should have stuck to it.  What do you think so far : )

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